Tennis Rules

General Tennis Rules

Proper tennis attire and flat-soled tennis shoes are required at all times.  Proper tennis attire is defined as shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses designed specifically for tennis players.  While there are no color restrictions, whites and light colors are preferred.  Men and boys may wear a tennis tee shirt.  Players will be asked to leave the court if not properly attired.  Please remember to notify your guests of our dress code.

Members must confirm court reservation and register any guests at the Tennis Pro Shop before play.

Smoking is prohibited on the courts, on the Tennis Pavilion deck, and inside the Tennis Pavilion.

Children who are not playing tennis must remain outside the court.  Baby carriages are not allowed on the courts.

Children under the age of 11 must be supervised by an adult in the Tennis Pavilion.

Tennis Court Use and Maintenance

During the regular tennis season (May through September), courts will be available for play daily from 7:30am to 9:30pm, weather permitting.

Courts cannot be used if declared unplayable by the tennis staff or General Manager.

Courts will be routinely maintained each day.  The club staff reserves the right to close courts for maintenance at any time.

Any questions about court maintenance should be reported to the Tennis Director or General Manager.

Players cannot be included in back-to-back advance reservations.

Phone reservations will only be accepted during tennis pro shop hours.

You must check in with the tennis pro shop staff at time of play to confirm your court assignment.  The tennis staff reserves the right to switch your reserved court.

At least two players must be on the court no later than 10 minutes after the reserved time or risk forfeiting the court.

Courts cannot be reserved for individual practice; however, a member may sign for an open court 10 minutes after the normal reservation time and use it for the balance of the time block.

Tennis Court Priorities

Adult members who work more than thirty hours per week are classified as “working members” and have priority from 6:30pm to 9:30pm weeknights (Monday through Friday) and from 7:30am to 12:00pm on weekends and holidays.  A minimum of 2 “working members” are required in the court reservation to receive priority.

Tennis clinics, private instruction, tournaments, league play, and special programs may preempt reservations.

Tennis Court Courtesies

Do not enter an occupied court before your reserved time or while a point is in progress.

Do not “bump” players if another court is available.

Do not pass through a court when in use, unless invited to do so.

Return errant balls promptly, but not while a point is in progress.

Do no distract other players with loud talk or noises.

Close gates when entering and leaving courts.

Limit use of cellular phones.

If unable to play, please cancel your court reservation.